Ainaloa Longhouse Calendar


1st Monday-Board Meeting: 6pm

                         Boxing: 4pm-5:30pm


       Boxing: 4pm-6pm


         Boxing: 4pm-6

 Zumba (3rd. Wed. Only): 6pm-7pm


Boxing: 4pm-6pm

                                                                                         N.A:  6:15pm-8:15pm                                                                                           


                                                          Saturday: Open for Events & Party Rentals 


               Ainaloa Community Association Yard Sale will be held on the following Saturday dates:

                                                May 6th 2017, August 5th 2017, November 4th 2017

                                                          Sunday: Open Arms Church: 8am-1pm


Ainaloa Longhouse Rental Info: Hours 8am - 8pm

Deposit- $200.00 Refundable after Caretaker has certified that the premises were cleaned and no property damage was done, Tables and chairs cleaned, counted and returned to storage. All rubbish shall be removed from premises. Kitchen, Restrooms and Tables ( 10- 8' x 3') and Chairs (75+) are included in rental agreement. 

Rental Fee's- $200.00 per day (A full day 8:00 am - 9:00 pm)

 $100.00 per half day ( 6 hours or less)

Contact Info:

Boxing: Joe Hawthorne 756-1229

N.A: Phyliss 938-7804

Open Arms Church: 339-0835